PhD Research

From May 2017 to September 2018, Gill Brown collaborated with members of the Centre for Neuroimaging Sciences as part of her PhD research at the University of the Arts London. The aim of this part of Gill’s research was to apply in practice the methodologies she had devised for the creation of editable and adaptable scientific conceptual figures, and to help the neuroscientists to generate such figures for themselves.

Three research scientists at the CNS – Dr Nisha Singh, Dr Yannis Paloyelis and Ms Barbara Santangelo – volunteered to work with Gill on the creation of conceptual figures for use in their upcoming journal articles. The collaboration as a whole was initiated and facilitated by Dr Mattia Veronese, with the support of Professor Federico Turkheimer. The resulting work formed a significant part of Gill’s final PhD thesis, Visual Elements and Visual Paradigms: Re-thinking scientific conceptual figures through graphic design. More information about Gill’s research can be found on her website.

The whole collaborative effort between Gill and the CNS was documented in full in the website Blog and all of the relevant entries are listed chronologically below, with links to the individual posts. A glossary of neuroscience terms that are used in the posts can be found on this webpage.

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