Human brain gallery

In order to test out using a portfolio-type website as an image gallery, Gill created a small group of images showing a mid-sagittal section through a human brain. These were created in the same way as the rat brain image described in this post, with an initial detailed drawing made in Illustrator and based on a photograph (shown below).


From this initial Illustrator file, eight more variations of the image were quickly made. This set of images, together with the group of rat brain images made previously, were then loaded up to this specially created portfolio website. At this stage, the website uses a free WordPress template, just to test the idea of using a portfolio website as the department image gallery.

[Update on Wednesday 11th October 2017 – the contents of the portfolio website have now been added to the main website, accessible from the Image Gallery webpage. The description of the site, below, is still relevant to the new pages.]

The site itself has been kept deliberately simple. The static front page will contain a display of thumbnail images, each one representing a particular group of images. Currently the front page only has two options, anatomical rat brain or anatomical human brain, but there is no limit to the number of groups that can be represented on this page. Clicking on a front page thumbnail image takes the viewer to the page of images for that group. Clicking on any of these images will then open the gallery view. The viewer can page through the gallery and open any of the images up to full size. The image creator can attach comments to the images and these can be read by the viewer when in gallery-viewing mode.

The images on the portfolio website are designed purely to show the viewer the range of images that are available for them to access and use. Each image has a file name and the viewer would note the name of the image they want and then go to a designated folder (yet to be determined) to retrieve either a high resolution jpeg image file or an Illustrator file.

Currently, the images on the portfolio website are simply test images, created by Gill and not designed for the neuroimaging department. In due course, the image gallery should contain images specifically created for use in the department, hopefully including images created by members of the department.


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