FDOPA PET Imaging Leaflet

Following on from the successful Patient Information Sheet project, a similar approach was adopted to create an information leaflet specifically for FDOPA PET imaging. This project was also being led by Dr Giovanna Nordio, a postdoctoral research associate in the Centre for Neuroimaging Sciences at King’s College London. It was initiated in October 2021 and completed in early 2022.

The intention was to utilise some of the images that had been created for the PIS, as well as generating some new images, to include in an information sheet that will explain to patients and clinical trial participants what an FDOPA PET scan is and what will happen to them when they have a scan. Initially, work was focussed on creating a one page A4-sized pdf file that can be accessed online, with the possibility of expanding this to a physical leaflet that could be given to patients, either in-person or by inclusion in a letter.

Each step of the project was documented in full on the website Blog page. Individual blog posts relating to the project are listed below in chronological order, with links to the individual posts.

Last updated May 2022

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