Meeting between Gill and Giovanna, Thursday 18th November 2021

Initial version

Gill and Giovanna met online to review the initial version of the FDOPA PET Imaging leaflet and decide on what revisions should made.

The following points were discussed, with action items in italics.

  • The initial version is a good starting point and shows that all of the infomration can be included on one A4 sheet, although there won’t be room for much more text if there is to be room for more illustrations.
  • Highlighting the ‘important information’ in its own coloured box makes it too prominent. Gill will remove the text box and may experiment with using rules (lines) between the blocks of text instead.
  • Giovanna would like to use drawn illustrations of FDOPA PET scans, rather than photographic images. Giovanna will send some example scans to Gill. Once the illustrations have been made, Gill will edit the image of the radiographer, to add the scans to the computer screens (as shown in the header image to this blog post).
  • It was agreed that it is probably better not to make the illustration of the medication exactly match how the tablets can look in real-life, in case this is different from the tablets the patient is actually given. Instead, a more generic illustration of medicinal tablets will be used. Gill will create an illustration of two generic tablets, together with an indication of one hour of time passing.
  • While the illustration of the scanner patient with the clinician fits well with the theme of the leaflet, it may be possible to edit the image to show the clinician injecting the patient with the radioactive tracer. However, the image is quite small, so this may not work that well. Gill will experiment with the image to see what is possible.
  • The section at the bottom of the leaflet will require more logos and some more text to indicate to readers who they should contact for more information. Giovanna will find out which other logos are required and will see if there is a website address to which readers can be directed.
  • Once all of the images have been created, and the logos added, a decision can be made about what colours should be used in the leaflet. If there are two or three different coloured logos, and different colours in the PET scan illustrations, it may be that a plain white background will work best for the leaflet.
  • Once all of the text has been finalised, Gill will make the text appear ‘block-justified’ but without using hyphenation, as this makes text more difficult to read.
  • King’s have guidelines for online material, to ensure that it is accessible to all readers. Once the leaflet is close to final, Gill will be able to check that it passes these guidelines. It would also be good to get feedback from other members of the IoPPN at that time.

Once Gill has received all of the necessary information, and made all of the revisions, she will send a second version of the leaflet to Giovanna for review and feedback.

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