Meeting between Gill and Giovanna, Tuesday 5th October 2021

Gill and Giovanna met online to discuss the creation of an information leaflet to describe FDOPA PET imaging. Giovanna is working with Dr Mattia Veronese on a research project involving FDOPA PET imaging and they were keen to expand on the MRI scanning section that had been included in the example Patient Information Sheet, but make the information specifically about FDOPA PET imaging. The sheet would be provided to patients who were undergoing FDOPA PET scans, either as part of their treatment or as a participant in a clinical trial. PET scans utilise the same scanning machine as MRI scans, so it would be possible to utilise some of the same illustrations as in the PIS (such as the patient / clinician scanner image shown in the header image of this blog post) with only minor modifications.

The intention is for the leaflet to exist in both digital and physical form, with a physical leaflet possibly containing more infomration and being provided to patients either directly at the imaging centre, or sent to them through the post. However, it was agreed that the first version of the leaflet would be digital only, and would fit onto the equivalent of one A4 sheet. There will be two versions of the leaflet, one for a static PET scan and one for a dynamic PET scan, with slightly different text to describe the two modes of scanning and the slightly different protocols required for each. The illustrations would be the same for both versions.

Giovanna provided Gill with the two versions of the text, although Gill chose to concentrate on the ‘dynamic’ PET scan protocol. Giovanna also supplied an image file for the logo of the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) that would be included in the leaflet.

Initial version of the ‘dynamic’ FDOPA PET Imaging leaflet

Gill created an initial version of the ‘dynamic’ leaflet, primarily to ensure that all of the text could be included on one A4 sheet and still leave room for images. She included two of the illustrations that had been used in the PIS, one showing the patient in the scanner with a physician and the other showing a radiographer observing the patient undergoing the scan. There seemed to be room for two more possible illustrations – one showing an FDOPA PET scan and one showing that a patient has to take two kinds of medication an hour before the scan. Gill took the dark blue colour from the IoPPN logo and used a pink colour from the King’s College London approved colour palette to use in the background.

This initial version of the leaflet was sent to Giovanna for review. Gill was far from sure about the colours and layout, although it is always best to have a starting point to work from, even if it is far from the final version. The additional illustrations need to be considered – would drawn images of an FDOPA PET scan work better than a photographic image, and how specific would an image of the medication have to be? Also, should the image of the patient in the scanner be edited to show the physician administrating the radioactive tracer?

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