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March 2022

Gill ran another series of online graphic design workshops for research students of King’s Health Faculties – one theory session, followed by three repetitions of a practical session – on Wednesday mornings throughout March. More details can be found on the Workshops (2022) webpage.

Update April 2022 – All of the March workshops were fully booked and there are still people on the waiting list for Workshop 2 practical sessions. There are currently no plans to run further workshops in this academic year but sessions may be scheduled for the 2022/23 academic year, if there is sufficient demand. Gill also hopes that there will be opportunity to update the training materials on the KEATS webpage, to keep pace with the updates to the live workshops.

Tuesday 18th and Tuesday 25th January 2022

Gill met online with Giovanna to discuss the feedback received on the example FDOPA PET imaging leaflet and to determine what changes needed to be made. More details of these meetings, together with examples of the updated leaflet(s), can be found in this blog post.

Friday 3rd December 2021

Gill met online with Giovanna to review a revised version of the FDOPA PET Imaging leaflet and to discuss further updates. More details of the meeting, and the subsequent updated leaflet, can be found in this blog post.

November / December 2021

Further online graphic design workshops, presented by Gill Brown, have been scheduled for the autumn term at King’s. This includes a theoretical session (for 50 participants), covering good graphic design practice for scientific visual communication, followed by three practical workshops (up to 12 participants in each) providing hands-on experience of creating scientific figures using Adobe Illustrator software.

19th October update: All of the scheduled workshops are now fully booked, with a waiting list.

Thursday 18th November 2021

Gill met online with Giovanna to review the first draft of the FDOPA PET Imaging leaflet. More details can be found in this blog post.

Tuesday 5th October 2021

Gill met online with Dr Giovanna Nordio to discuss a possible extension to the work undertaken during the PIS project. Giovanna and Dr Mattia Veronese want to create an illustrated information leaflet for patients undergoing FDOPA-PET imaging. This would involve adapting some of the illustrations used in the example Patient Information Sheet and designing an informative and visually engaging A4-sized leaflet.

More details can be found in this blog post, and on the dedicated project webpage.

October 2021

Update: The Spotlight article mentioned in the news item below has now been published online in Clinical and Translational Imaging. The article can be read and downloaded from here.

July 2021

A submission has been made for possible publication in the journal Clinical and Translational Imaging as a Spotlight. The submission, made by Dr Giovanna Nordio, is entitled Can visual illustrations transform the patient information sheet for PET/MR neuroimaging studies into engaging and interesting reading?

May / June 2021

Five sessions of an online workshop covering the practical aspects of creating conceptual scientific figures are being held in May / June for members of the Health Faculties at King’s. The dates have been added to the Workshops (2020/21) webpage, although all of the workshops are currently fully booked.

Thursday 25th March 2021

Gill met online with Giovanna and with Dr Yannis Paloyelis. Yannis had previously collaborated with Gill during her PhD research in 2018 and had seen the work on the example PIS. He is interested in using illustrated documents to aid patient consultation, as well as in official patient information sheets, for an upcoming neuroimaging study. More details can be found in this blog post.

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Gill and Giovanna met online to discuss the next steps in the PIS project and what was required to finalise the example PIS. The outcome of that meeting is documented in this blog post.

Thursday 28th January 2021

Gill met online with Giovanna and Mattia to discuss the next steps in the PIS project. The outcome of the meeting is documented in this blog post.

Tuesday 26th January 2021

Gill and Mattia held an online meeting with Ana Marques of the Curriculum and Digital Innovation (CDI) Centre at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s College London. Ana and her colleagues have been instrumental in creating the online content for the graphic design workshops held during 2020. The purpose of the meeting was to record a conversation between Gill and Mattia as they discussed their collaboration, how it started and how it led to the workshops and the online course. A video of the conversation has been added to the KEATS webpage containing the training material from the workshops and, for those outside of King’s, can also be accessed on this external King’s webpage.

Friday 8th January 2021

Both the FAST-R team and scientists working in the Centre for Neuroimaging Sciences have provided feedback on the example PIS modules submitted in December (see this blog post for more about these modules). Giovanna and Gill met online on Wednesday 13th January 2021 to discuss the feedback and the meeting outcome is documented in this blog post.

Friday 18th December 2020

In March 2019, Gill worked with Dr Anoushka Leslie of the CNS to produce four information sheets on the subject of brain ageing and white matter, designed for use by both patients and the general public. These sheets were reviewed by a patient group in a workshop held on Saturday 23rd March 2019 and the conclusions from that review have now been made available by Anoushka. The four information sheets are also available and a link to the website containing them will be added in due course. Most of the individual images created for use in the sheets are already available in the image gallery on this website. More details regarding this project, and images of the complete sheets, can be found on Gill’s own website.

Wednesday 9th December 2020

Example Patient Information Sheet (PIS) modules were completed and given to Giovanna for submission for review by the FAST-R (Feasibility and Acceptability Support Team for Researchers) at the Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre. All being well, they will provide feedback on the modules in January 2021. For more information on the example PIS modules that were submitted, see this blog post.

December 2020

Two online workshop sessions were held for research staff and students of the Health faculties at King’s, running on Tuesday 8th and Friday 11th December 2020. These Zoom workshops featured the Adobe Illustrator exercises and other material that was covered in the original Workshop 2 (Practical) sessions in February 2020. Both online sessions were fully booked, with 11 places made available on each. There is still a waiting list of approximately 40 people who would like to attend this workshop and it is hoped that further sessions can be scheduled for the New Year, if there is still demand for them.

However – the material from all of the original 2020 workshops, both theory and practical (presentations, pdf guides and video demonstrations of the Illustrator exercises), is now available to all KCL Health Faculty research staff and students via the KEATS online training website. More details regarding the online workshop material has been added to the Workshops (2020/21) webpage.

Tuesday 24th November 2020

Gill attended an online meeting with Giovanna and Mattia to discuss the text and images required for PIS Modules 4 and 5, prior to their submission to FAST-R. The outcome of this meeting is documented in this blog post.

Monday 16th November 2020

Gill attended an online meeting with Giovanna and Mattia to discuss the next steps for the Patient Information Sheet (PIS) project. The outcome of this meeting is documented in this blog post.

October 2020

Gill is intending to run an online workshop in early December, covering the same material presented in the Workshop 2 sessions she ran in February 2020. There will be two online sessions initially, delivered via Zoom, and aimed primarily at those people who were on the waiting list for the original workshops but did not get a chance to attend. The material presented in both of the original Workshops 1 and 2 should be available to view online via the King’s Moodle website by mid-November 2020. See the Workshops (2020/21) page for more details.

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