Meetings between Gill, Nisha and Yannis, and between Gill and Mattia, Thursday 19th October 2017

A belated summary of two meetings held last month …

Gill met with Nisha and Yannis to discuss their upcoming papers and the kind of conceptual figures that those papers may require.

Nisha should complete the first draft of her methods paper within the next few weeks and will then be in a position to decide on how many figures are needed, and what they should depict. She showed Gill and Yannis short videos of some PET scan results, which may be submitted as supplementary material for the paper.

Yannis should have a first draft of his data paper by Christmas. There was some discussion of the subject for the joint review paper, which Nisha and Yannis hope to put together early next year. There will certainly need to be a conceptual figure or figures to visualise the potential pathways to the brain for a range of molecules that are administered intra-nasally. Gill showed the images that she has produced for the upcoming workshop 1 activity, some of which may be relevant for the review paper. Gill also explained that she will need input from Yannis to ensure the scientific accuracy of the scenario being used in that activity – the possible pathways taken by large peptides from the nasal cavity to the brain.


Gill then met with Mattia to discuss preparations for the workshops, particularly what would need to be prepared for the workshop 1 activity in terms of printouts and drawing tools. Gill is also preparing ten pdf guides, which describe the Adobe Illustrator functionality that will be demonstrated in workshop 2 and which she showed to Mattia. These guides will be emailed to participants after workshop 1 but before workshop 2. Example Illustrator files will also be made available, in both Creative Cloud format (the current default) and the earlier Creative Suite 6 format.

Since the meeting, the workshops have taken place, with much more detail on the Workshops webpage.

Gill and Mattia have been invited to present the work of the collaboration at an event to mark the opening of King’s new Centre for Medical Engineering on 14th December 2017. There was some discussion of the kind of poster that could be used to attract people’s attention and it was agreed that flyers should be produced, to give more information and to direct people to the collaboration website. There will be more about the opening event on this blog in due course.

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