What’s next for the collaboration …

The first phase of the collaboration is drawing to a conclusion, with just the feedback from Barbara and Mattia, regarding the dopamine synthesis figure, and Yannis, Daniel and Robert, regarding the oxytocin delivery figure, to be completed. The collaborative work to date has formed a significant part of Gill’s PhD research. This research is now complete and the PhD is in the writing-up stage, to be finalised in 2019.

However, the intention is to continue the work of the collaboration, while hopefully broadening its scope. This can be achieved in the following three ways:

  1. The online image library will be expanded to include visual elements from other scientific fields, in addition to neuroimaging. This will, by necessity, require collaboration with departments outside of the CNS.
  2. Training, in the form of both group workshops and ‘one-to-one’ instruction, will be provided to ensure that scientists can make the best use of the image files and Adobe Illustrator files in the library. This training will also include more general graphic design advice, where appropriate, in terms of figure layout, use of colour, etc. Training material created for the pilot workshops, held last year, can be updated, expanded and developed further.
  3. The use of the image library, and the training, will be widened to encompass visual communication between scientists and the general public. This can include creating figures for use in information sheets provided to patients and clinical trial participants, for example. The visual elements related to laboratory equipment and people were originally created to test their suitability for use in a clinical trial information sheet.

The overall aim of this continuing collaborative work is to build a viable framework by which scientists themselves can easily create bespoke conceptual figures for a wide range of uses.

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