Meeting between Gill, Giovanna and Mattia, Monday 16th November 2020

The aim of the meeting was to review the status of the PIS project and to define what should be produced for an interim review by KCL’s FAST-R (Feasibility and Acceptability Support Team for Researchers) at the beginning of December. Since the date of the previous blog post, Gill had produced some initial outline images for module 5 and had sent these to Giovanna and Mattia prior to the meeting. Two of these images are shown in the header image of this blog post.

Main points from the meeting
  • As it won’t be possible to produce a first draft of all of the modules by the beginning of December, it was agreed that two example modules will be created for submission to the FAST-R. These will be Module 5 – Imaging technique used in the study and Module 16 – Information about you. (For a full list of the proposed modules, see this blog post). Module 5 describes the steps involved in undertaking an MRI scan and will be heavily reliant on illustrative images. Module 16 will not use any images, but does contain a lot of important text that must be clearly presented. It was thought that these two modules represent two very different kinds of module that will go to make up a PIS.
  • Both modules will be designed to fit onto one A4 sheet, or one slide. As they both contain a lot of information, that may require some revising of the text. However, care must be taken not to change or lose any of the information that is conveyed by the text, as the original PIS has already been approved by an ethics committee with its current wording. Gill will concentrate on designing the A4 sheets to begin with.
  • Once the content of each module has been finalised, Gill will be able to reformat that content to fit both 16:9 and 4:3 PowerPoint slides, and also an A4 Word document. All three formats will only be created once the content has been agreed on, otherwise too much time would be wasted continually revising slides and documents.
  • Giovanna and Mattia had not decided on a particular colour palette but agreed that using a consistent palette in the illustrations would be good. Gill will use colours from the KCL branding colour palette. Once a colour fill has been added to the images, it is easy to change the colour within the Adobe Illustrator files, if required.
  • Gill is currently using the font Arial for all of the text in the modules. King’s are in the process of creating new graphic design guidelines for digital accessibility and Arial is one of the fonts approved for use online, so it makes sense to stick with this font for now, as it will also work well in print. Guidelines for print and digital design at KCL are being continually revised and updated, so this may have a bearing on the final design of the modules, depending on how they will be used. A blog post describing and discussing these guidelines will be added in the near future.
  • One additional point – it was confirmed that E-cigarettes would probably be included within any restriction on the use of tobacco (described in module 7). Therefore, Gill will create an image of an E-cigarette for that module, in addition to the illustrations that have already been produced.
Action items from the meeting
  • Gill to finalise all of the required illustrations for Module 5.
  • Gill to create a template for a single A4 sheet and produce initial versions of modules 5 and 16, using the text from the original PIS.
  • These initial versions to be sent to Giovanna and Mattia for review in the week beginning 23rd November, while Gill adds colour fill to the module 5 images.
  • Based on feedback from Giovanna and Mattia, the initial modules will be revised prior to submission to FAST-R. There will almost certainly be several iterations in the revision process.

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