Initial list of PIS modules

Giovanna and Mattia have produced an initial list of modules that could be used to build a Patient Information Sheet (PIS). As discussed in the meeting last week, the intention is to split the modules into two parts; part 1 containing study specific information and part 2 containing more general information relevant for research studies at the King’s College London imaging centres.

The list was provided as a set of PowerPoint slides, one slide per module, with an example slide shown in the header image of this blog post. Slides with a blue background are in part 1 of the PIS, with slides from part 2 having a yellow background. The slide contents are summarised in the table below:

No.Module headingModule contents
1Title of study

(Date, version number, IRAS and REC should be included in the footer of each slide / page)
Front page information: research team / date & version number / REC code / IRAS ID
Text to explain the structure of the PIS and what to expect from it
Part 1
2What is the purpose of this study?figure; simplified and clear text
3Why have I been invited to take part?figure; simplified and clear text
4What will taking part involve?figure; flowchart; simplified and clear text
5Imaging technique used in the studySomething reusable about PET and MRI imaging.
This is the core of what we are doing and it would be good to have a general scheme that the two modalities can include.
Illustrations explaining the different phases of the imaging procedure, as shown in this video
(A KCL YouTube video giving 360 degree views of what happens when having an imaging scan)
6Do I have to take part?figure; simplified and clear text
7What restrictions do I need to follow during the study?figure; simplified and clear text
8Are there any reasons why I can’t take part in the study?figure; simplified and clear text
9What are the possible benefits of taking part?figure; simplified and clear text
10What are the possible risks of taking part?figure; simplified and clear text
11Will I be compensated for my travel expenses and time?simplified and clear text
12What if new information becomes available?figure; simplified and clear text
13What if something goes wrong or I have problems while I am in the study?simplified and clear text
Part 2
14Who is organising and funding the research?figure / logo; simplified and clear text
15Who has reviewed the study?figure / logo; simplified and clear text
16Information about you
(need to decide whether we use first person, I, or second person, you)
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
How will we use your information?
Where to find out more about how my information is used
Choices about how your information is used

figure; bullet point lists; simplified and clear text
17What will happen to any samples I give?figure; simplified and clear text
18What will happen to the results of the study?figure; simplified and clear text
19Who do I contact for more information?simplified and clear text
List of initial modules for a Patient Information Sheet

Gill will use these modules will be used as a starting point to determine what visual and graphic elements need to be created. Certain modules may require several images / sections while others will simply require suitable text. Producing appropriate content for Module 5, in particular, will be a small graphic design project in its own right.

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