Example PIS modules for FAST-R review

Following on from the decisions made during the meeting of 24th November 2020 (described in this blog post), Gill produced final versions of the example PIS modules 4, 5 and 16. These incorporated new text for Module 5, provided by Giovanna, together with additional images for that module, as discussed in the meeting. It was agreed that the final Module 5 images worked well with the new text.

Two versions of the PIS modules were produced, one version with outline, black and white, illustrations and another version with simple ‘flat’ colour illustrations, (i.e, with no detailed colour shading in the illustrations). As the images in the example modules are relatively small, assuming the PIS will be A4-sized, the simple flat colours should suffice. The text and layout was identical between the two versions. Both versions were sent as pdf files to Giovanna and she decided that the colour version would be submitted for FAST-R review in mid-December. Feedback from this review should be available sometime in January 2021, and work on the PIS project will be paused until then.

The flat colour versions of the example modules are shown below. The individual images created for these modules can be seen on the PIS project portfolio page of Gill’s own website.

The relevant pages from the original PIS Word document were also submitted to the FAST-R team, to allow direct comparison with the new examples modules, together with a short questionnaire (shown to the left). This was designed to prompt debate about the effectiveness of the new layout and the inclusion of the illustrations.

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