Meeting between Gill, Giovanna and Yannis, Thursday 25th March 2021

Dr Yannis Paloyelis had seen the example Patient Information Sheet and was keen to use illustrated information documents for his patients in a planned research study. He met online with Gill and Giovanna to give more details about his study. Prior to the meeting, Gill created a PowerPoint version of the example PIS, in 16:9 format, together with an ‘image catalogue’ pdf file, containing all of the illustrative images that had been created to date. A page from the catalogue is shown in the header image of this blog post. These files were sent to Giovanna and also to Yannis, so that he could see the range of illustrations that were already available.

The planned study will involve child patients undergoing imaging scans while having treatment using intranasal drug delivery. The children are aged between 5 and 15 and have a range of medical conditions related to their hypothalamus. Yannis was particularly interested in using a PowerPoint presentation, rather than a Word document, as this provides more scope for interactivity within the presentation. It could be used during the ‘patient consultation’ phase of a study, to inform potential participants and their families about what would be involved, to ask their opinion of the study and to see if the child would be willing and able to take part. This consultation phase is a requirement before any study can go ahead. However, it requires less formal information materials than a Patient Information Sheet, with more scope to edit text and incorporate recorded video segments, animations, etc.

Obviously, the study would require illustrations showing child patients – the current example PIS only includes adult patients. However, the images, particularly those of the MRI scanning, could easily be adapted to include children. There would also need to be images of intranasal drug delivery, although Gill has experience of drawing these kind of illustrations from her collaborative work with Yannis in 2018.

Yannis will consult with his colleagues in the study, show them the existing example PIS and image catalogue and compile a list of other images that their study would require. Currently he is in the process of raising funding for the study and he will look to include funding to pay for the graphic design work to produce the additional images and create the consultation materials.

Meanwhile, Giovanna will report back to the Wellcome EPSRC Centre for Medical Engineering (CME), who funded the PIS project, to tell them of our progress and to find out how we may present our results, given current restrictions on meeting in-person. She will also mention the possibility of expanding the scope of the project to include the work with Yannis and his research group, as the CME may be a potential source of additional funding.

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