Meeting between Gill, Giovanna and Mattia, Thursday 28th January 2021

The aim of the meeting was to discuss the next steps forward for the project, now that the example PIS modules have been completed. It was agreed that the three example modules would not be re-submitted to the FAST-R team, as the updates are relatively minor. Instead, Gill will work on completing the remaining modules, so that a complete Patient Information Sheet can be submitted before the end of February. The text will not be changed from the original PIS Word document, so it will just be a case of incorporating this text into the new layout, and adding the illustrative images. The PIS will be in the form as an A4 pdf document, as for the example modules. Once this example PIS has been reviewed and finalised, then its content can be transferred into other formats.

As Gill has already drawn outline images for the remaining modules, some of which are shown in the blog post header image, it should not take long to convert these images to flat colour versions. One or two additional images of people will be drawn, to ensure there is sufficient diversity in the set of illustrations made available. Also outstanding is an image of an E-cigarette, which will be added to the list of restricted items shown in Module 7.

The current status of the 19 modules that make up the full example PIS is as follows:

  • Modules, 4, 5 and 16 (the three example modules) are complete.
  • Modules 8, 11, 13 and 19 require text only.
  • Modules 2 and 17 – the required images are complete already so there is just the text to add.
  • Modules 1, 14 and 15 require institution logos to go with the text and these will be found online, in the first instance.

The remaining seven modules all require work on images, as well as text:

  • Modules 3 and 6 – both require an image of a person reading a document. Gill already has two versions of this image (one man, one woman) that just need the flat colours to be added.
  • Module 7 – requires images of restricted items and also images that indicate time passing. Gill needs to draw an E-cigarette and the remaining images need to have the flat colours added. This is the most complex of the remaining modules, as the text and images must work together and communicate the quite complicated instructions clearly.
  • Module 9 – requires an image of a group of people and Gill has a drawing that just needs the flat colours to be added.
  • Modules 10 and 12 – images of blood sampling and MRI scanning are already complete for Module 10. Both modules require an image of a person talking to a doctor, and Gill has an image that just needs the flat colours to be added.
  • Module 18 – requires an image of scientist presenting results. Gill has two versions (one man, one woman) and will add flat colours and put an appropriate image on the slides. This module will also include an image of scientific journals. Gill has an outline drawing and will need to add a coloured cover image and an indication of the page contents.

Gill will send interim versions of the PIS modules to Giovanna and Mattia for review before the complete PIS is submitted to the FAST-R team.

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