Pilot Workshops (2017)

Two pilot workshops took place in November 2017, with details shown below.


The workshops were designed specifically for members of the neuroimaging department and used the subject matter of an upcoming review paper by Nisha and Yannis as a case study. At the end of each workshop, participants were provided with feedback forms to note what they felt had worked best, what had not worked, and any other comments or suggestions. Eighteen forms were completed for Workshop 1 and twelve for Workshop 2. More details about each workshop are shown on their dedicated web pages. This  includes a review of their content, together with conclusions from the workshops and possible topics for consideration in the future.

Gill would like to thank all members of the neuroimaging department who participated in the pilot workshops and who provided such useful feedback.

Workshop 1 raised a range of issues that should be considered when producing conceptual figures and proposed a method by which the department could more easily produce adaptable figures that are visually consistent.

Workshop 2 was a practical, hands-on session, to give participants basic skills in using Adobe Illustrator software. Particular emphasis was given to how to produce the kind of adaptable and easily edited figures discussed in workshop 1. The training materials from this workshop have been made available to all members of the department.

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